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A Rare Holy Grace for the Contemporary World


                                                By Virginia Marginean
Gregorian-Bivolaru     Born in Romania on 12th March 1952, Mr. Gregorian Bivolaru (Grieg, as his students call him) had a big destiny to accomplish in his adulthood: to unite the ancient spiritual traditions with the modern scientific discoveries in a coherent and flexible teaching system meant to open up people’s mind and heart to God.

     He has the merit of founding the largest yoga school of Europe (MISA) headquartered in Bucharest Romania, with over 35,000 students and over 250 locations worldwide – an international and intercontinental school in full expansion. The Live Online Yoga courses follow the successful teachings of Yoga Teacher Gregorian Bivolaru.

     Like other authentic spiritual guides across the world and history, Grieg was subjected to severe persecutions, media denigration, injustice from the Romanian government, imprisonment although innocent and even death threats and attempts to his life. Out to the surprise of his enemies, Grieg was able to escape all their traps and presently he lives in Sweden under political asylum.

     In November 2005 Mr. Bivolaru received international recognition for his activity, being elected full member for life in the International Senior Yoga Teachers Advisors of World Yoga Council.

     According to Kularnava Tantra there are six categories of spiritual guides out of which the last one – BODHAKA is the greatest because he can directly offer the heights and depths of his spiritual experience to his students worldwide, in a paranormal manner. Therefore the school founded by such an extraordinary rare yoga teacher belongs to the famous and well cherished tradition of GUPTA MAHA SIDDHA YOGA or the secret yoga of the great paranormal power. Needless to say that Grieg is a spiritual guide from the BODHAKA category.

     Thousands of people worldwide are grateful to God for sending Grieg in their lives as they experienced an amazing flourishing on all the levels of their life by applying his teachings on yoga – the most comprehensive ones available.



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