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Unison Meditations

November 2014 Unison Meditations

Motto: "Sometimes people stumble on the truth, but only the stupid ones get up immediately and keep walking indifferently."

"Each one of these beneficial moments, which spiritually speaking are hidden gifts that God offers us help us to enter and experience the secrets of occult astral resonances. By firmly and continuously focusing on these ineffable moments, they offer us the chance to experience the mystery of the present moment totally and profoundly." - Yoga Teacher Gregorian Bivolaru

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International Yoga Congress 4 - 7 Dec 2014

The International Yoga Congress, 4 -7 December 2014 in Bucharest, Romania

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Live Online Karma Yoga Events

Karma yoga- Introduction

Karma Yoga is one of the main branches of Integral Yoga along with Hatha Yoga, Jnana Yoga, Tantra Yoga ...

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Home Is A Big Place


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Live Online Karma Yoga

Would you like to receive help for introducing the people from your area to yoga? Are you a correspondence student longing to share the rich spiritual experiences from your yoga study and practice with your extended circle of friends, colleagues and family?

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Karma Yoga Projects

Prevention of an Earthquake – Special Schedule of Meditations Aug – Oct 2010 Prevention of the catastrophic events of the Fatima prophecy – Special Spiritual Program starting with Oct 2010

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A Humanitarian Action for Japan

Our Yoga school initiates on SUNDAY, 22ND OF MAY 2011 an humanitarian action to help Japan in this time of terrible hardships through which it is passing and this action will consist of a COLLECTIVE PRAYER TO GOD THE FATHER TO HELP THE JAPANESE PEOPLE.

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NO to the Apocalypse

The planetary program for saving the Earth from a global catastrophe revealed at Fatima in 1917 by the Virgin Mary.

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Upcoming Events

The Opening Festivity for the LiveOnlineYoga Courses

You are cordially invited to attend an interactive FREE live web conference that will introduce you to the essentials of the most comprehensive yoga style – Integral Yoga

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Be A Tantric Valentine!

A FREE Live Webinar On Tantra

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LiveOnlineTantra Workshops

Tantra for modern people ...

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LiveOnline Shakti Groups

Happy spiritual women exude elevated beauty

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International Day of Yoga Online

We dedicate our yoga practice in unison with thousands of yogis and yoginis worldwide for a harmonious and peaceful life on Earth praising God.

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LiveOnline Angels and Archangels Week

Eight FREE Live Webinars about Spiritual Communion with God’s Archangels

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Events Archive

Unison Collective Invocations

Follow-up to the unison collective invocations started at the New Year Eve in 2012

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Welcome to Our Live Online Yoga Courses

thumb123-d64de9c688b083df80176080bd82e156.jpg      Welcome to As our name implies our focus is targeted at those people who lack the ability to attend classes or seminars/workshops, on-site. We understand the necessities of the modern world, employees who frequently travel, parents who must remain at home with children, or you have such a long commute to and from work that it is not feasible to get to an on-site yoga class. We use the modality of the internet, live and in real time to make it convenient for the modern student to maintain their yoga practice, while on-the-go. We have scheduled classes with a full time instructor available.      LiveOnlineYoga uses a method based on a combination of traditional yoga and spiritual science that can be applied to everyday life with benefits to the body, mind and spirit, for all, irrespective of beliefs, religious, convictions or health status. What makes us unique is how we take those traditional methods and employ spiritual scientific techni...

The Power of Aspiration to God or Prayer

thumb123-b94bf15f3ae0c49625a6669a7422c42f.jpg   How do we pray? The technique of aspiration to the Absolute or prayer When and where we can aspire to the Supreme or pray? Prayers effects The psychological and physiological effects of the Aspiration to God or prayer The healing effects the aspiration to God or prayer Dr. Alexis Carrel Preface More on Alexis Carrel   How do we pray? Aspiration or prayer to the Absolute is essentially a simultaneous focus of mind and orientation of soul that opens the access to the spirit and makes us be into an ineffable inner resonance with the ultimate immaterial substratum of the world. They generally consist in an honest calling, in a complaint and a silent cry for help carried in a state of humility. Sometimes they are a serene contemplation of the Absolute, immanent and transcendent principle of all things and beings. Aspiration to the Absolute or prayer can also be defined as an instantaneous heightening of the mind and soul to God, as an imme...


thumb123-ae6d41a91595af3eada208b031c9368e.jpgThe wonderful qualities of Angels The guardian angel The wonderful qualities of angels The angels can enter even the deepest and most hidden human thoughts; often people end up becoming evil and then the angels spare such a person many times from dangers but if these don’t help, then the angels let the evil man do mistakes. After suffering, the man will become wiser, will give up ignorance and strengthen up. The angels respect even the slightest sparkle of human will, more so than the entire power which God gave them. They are pure vessels of the Divine Will and accomplish that which they are asked. They also benefit from free will to do as they please but they must not forget the task they have to fulfill. Their love is so great that the human being could not bear it unless the love from human’s heart is as great as the angels love. Yet the people can bear the profoundest depth of angels’ wisdom just like the man can endure the light of a flame but not...
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Enlightening Thoughts on Smiling

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 By Gregorian Bivolaru, Yoga Teacher The understanding of the following aspects reveals to us that smiling is a simple spiritual modality for a profound transformation. 1. A spontaneous and honest smile doesn't cost anything yet will trigger man [ ... ]

Revelations about Archangel Uriel

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By Karmen Preda, Artistic Designer of LiveOnlineYoga. com Archangel Uriel governs certain aspects of the subtle divine fire (TEJAS TATTVA). In fact, even the name of Archangel Uriel can be translated into "transforming alchemical fire of God." Her [ ... ]

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