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 LiveOnlineYoga    Welcome to As our name implies our focus is targeted at those people who lack the ability to attend classes or seminars/workshops, on-site. We understand the necessities of the modern world, employees who frequently travel, parents who must remain at home with children, or you have such a long commute to and from work that it is not feasible to get to an on-site yoga class. We use the modality of the internet, live and in real time to make it convenient for the modern student to maintain their yoga practice, while on-the-go. We have scheduled classes with a full time instructor available.
     LiveOnlineYoga uses a method based on a combination of traditional yoga and spiritual science that can be applied to everyday life with benefits to the body, mind and spirit, for all, irrespective of beliefs, religious, convictions or health status. What makes us unique is how we take those traditional methods and employ spiritual scientific techniques. Our methods will put you in perfect balance and harmony, as a person, in tune with your body, mind and spirit, as the combination of techniques and methods are specifically designed to transform as you evolve spiritually, through continued yoga practice.

     Many will find our methods unique and unlike the concept of yoga an exercise, or physical fitness regimen. We use Integral Yoga as the basis of our teaching. Integral Yoga takes from all of the different branches of yoga. Integral Yoga provides balance to the practitioner. Our experience is to help in you making a complete personal development transformation. We have structured classes that are broken down to touch each and every aspect of your daily life whether it is your health and fitness, mental health, physiological improvements, conquering debilitating ailments, improvement in your job or just having a healthier outlook on life.

     Our classes are complete with video and audio capability and in the true spirit of using the power of the internet, we have multimedia presentations of selected topics, in addition to putting on free quarterly webinars, open to the public, on the latest topics such as Tantra, Sexual Continence, Integral Yoga  and Medicine to name a few.

     Stay tuned to our website as we will continuously update our current events and activities. In addition to the live online activities of our school we invite you to browse our site for information and articles not only about yoga but how it applies in the complex world we live in today. In the coming months we will be further expanding our site. Thank you for visiting us today and we look forward to you investigating our classes and attending our webinars. Please feel free to send us comments and make suggestions about topics and things you would like to hear from us. Most importantly consider participating and signing up for one of our classes. No matter what level or year of yoga study you are in, we can accommodate you. You can attend the first two live online yoga classes for free to test the experience.

     Thank you for visiting us today at We hope that you will join us and share in the tremendous spiritual experience.

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