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by Yoga Teacher Gregorian Bivolaru

Introductory elements regarding the complex significance of the spring equinox

Some aspects on the final hiatus of the solar year

Introductory elements regarding the complex significance of the spring equinox

spirDuring this extraordinary spiritual event celebrated in a yang spiral® meditation on an adequate musical support we will deeply experience in our inner universe the magic and divine moment of the spring equinox that overlaps the final hiatus for translation into the next solar year. First I will present some essential elements regarding the spring equinox in order for you to better understand the subtle and complex aspects of this moment.

The spring equinox is the moment when day and night are equal in any place on our planet due to the Sun found exactly at the celestial equator in its appearing movement on the sky. The spring equinox is the mysterious point on the birth signs circle meaning the beginning of a new cycle or in other words a new journey. The spring equinox is a short pause, a balance moment in which the yin and the yang, feminine and masculine, black and white merge and day and night are equal and we experience in our inner universe an ineffable state of imponderability thus being much closer to God.

The spring equinox is a magic, divine and deeply beneficial moment when it is necessary for us to stop for a certain elapse of time from our daily routine in order to ponder profoundly for gaining balance and a certain polarization, making good plans, retrospectively analyzing all that we had accomplished by adjusting in a divine and wise way everything in our fruitful quest for harmony and divine balance. From an astrological point of view it can be said that during the spring equinox the Sun moves from the Pisces constellation into the Aries constellation. Thus we witness a sui-generis end and simultaneously a sui-generis beginning of a zodiacal cycle.

Especially now the human being becomes like a spring aspiring to surge for the accomplishment of deeply beneficial and divinely integrated actions of a novelty nature. The initiated say that this magic moment when day and night are equal symbolizes a deep state of harmony and helps us experience and ample state of good transformation of our inner universe if we’ll pursue from now on wise and deeply beneficial actions that will enable us to feel in our being the mysterious harmony of nature. During the spring equinox everything wakes up to a new life, tends to come up at the surface, to fully rejoice in the subtle secret and deeply beneficial energies of the spring.

The ancient spiritual traditions say the any creative and divine form of evolution has three distinctive phases: creation, maintenance and resolution; to them is added the climax moment of that which was created. Thus it can be said that the spring equinox symbolizes and evokes the creation phase in a certain way; the summer solstice symbolizes the climax and the fall equinox symbolizes the beginning of resolution phase; the winter solstice symbolizes the preservation phase, a secret moment of preparation for a new cycle of time. According to the Christian tradition the Easter celebration is always done on the first Sunday after the full Moon that follows the equinox.

6026_10The spring equinox is a special day when the subtle and mysterious forces within manifestation are equal. Day and night are the same and analogically the arms of scale are in balance. At that moment especially nothing disturbs or modifies the special state of balance of inner and outer quietness because this is a magical start for a new beginning. On this day particularly we have to put behind the winter, detach from all worries and transcend the troubles brought by different obstacles, go beyond the possible pain tending to affect us and we also must shake away from our shoulders the things we no longer need.

In this moment it is very good to clean and purify the most hidden corners of our soul and open up to the Almighty and that which is sublime, divine, magical, harmonizing and rejuvenating in order reborn like the Phoenix bird. Everything that is old, unfashionable, and no longer useful or that makes us tired now can be replaced with a deeply beneficial, new and rejuvenating energy allowing the profound good energies of the Sun and its holy creative light to enter our soul and fill us with the secret bright light stream. On this day we can plant the divine seeds of the new beginnings. That is why sunrise, spring, adolescent spirit, deep balance, growing phase of the Moon, green color of grass and mother Earth correspond to spring equinox. In almost all the folkloric traditions of different people the spring equinox day is assimilated with the death of the previous year and the birth of a new year. In this way we enter in a deep state of communion and occult resonance® with the subtle and secret energies of godly creation.

The day of the spring equinox is the best moment for a self analysis and pondering on all our acquired experiences trying at the same time to realize which are the particular aspects or energies with which we aspire to no longer merge because they are not at all useful for us; thus we are able to become aware of the fact they were unfortunate and noxious for some of us. That is why within this spiritual celebration you should deeply meditate on a state of balance and it is more so necessary to frantically aspire for the pouring of this state of divine balance onto your life in order for you thus to awaken the good potential within you and which you can use by plenary expressing your creativity and spontaneity.

As some of you know, the appearing movement of the Sun on the sky is determined by the real movement of the Earth on its orbit generates for our latitudes the inequality of days and nights during different seasons of the year due to the approximately steady position of Earth rotation axis as well as due to its angle with the plane of Earth orbit. We can say that within a year the Sun draws in space a big circle called ecliptic that marks the plane of Earth orbit and makes a 23 degree and 27 minutes angle with it. At the moment of spring equinox, the Sun crosses the celestial equator moving from the Australian hemisphere to the borealis hemisphere. When the Sun is at this crossing point called vernal point it describes the diurnal movement along the sky equator and this phenomenon determines at that date the equal duration of days and nights regardless of latitude.

In Theona the spring and its conceptual ideate equivalent also meant the melting of ice, awakening to a new life, novelty, rebirth of nature and life and our very rebirth due to the processes of occult resonance® with the subtle, divine and secret energies of regeneration. This special spiritual experience you will have directly proportional with your aspiration during this yang spiral®. We suggest you to prolong this spring equinox experience by performing adequate actions of bodly, mental and spiritual purification.

lavanderChildFollowing this spiritual event we suggest you to daily ingest in the morning and lunch one spoon of a power mixture in equal parts (100 grams each) of the next healing herbs: basilica, sage, mint and lavender. In this way you will notice that this process of purification unfolds and will bare fruits both at the level of the body and subtle invisible shells of your being. If to this you’ll add a total fasting just with water and for the rest of time you will consume daily fresh fruits and vegetables with a topping of sunflower seeds you will notice that this vegetarian diet will fully contribute for the acceleration of the frequency of vibration enabling you climb a new step of inner transformation.

Also it is very good to daily meditate deeply for 10-15 minutes either in the morning or evening upon an exemplary state of balance which we can take as a true model for thus entering in a deep state of communion and occult resonance® with the subtle energies of balance which you’ll thus draw in your inner universe.

Some aspects on the final hiatus of the solar year

According to the fundamental occult law of number seven or in other words the occult law of the seven, any phenomenon or process within manifestation always passes through two specific moments of discontinuity or hiatus in which the unfolding of the respective phenomenon or process must be supported or impelled by a specific energy coming from outside of it. At these two essential moments of development and manifestation of any phenomenon or process an energetic specific impelling must exist for the support of the evolution, manifestation and development of that process of phenomenon.

Such essential moments of development or, in other words, continuity of any process or phenomenon existing in the objective time are rigorously determined based on the fundamental occult law of the seven. All these are placed at the moments of 3/7 and 7/7 from the phenomenon or process total time; more precisely the first hiatus or discontinuity moment placed at 3/7 from the total time of a process counting from the starting moment of the process in case is a hiatus taking place inside the phenomenon while the 7/7 hiatus is actually a secret moment of connection or transition between the process or phenomenon that just ended and the next process or phenomenon of the same kind with the previous one. In this case we discuss about certain cyclic phenomena like the day, week, moth or year span etc.

hiatusThat is why, from an esoteric point of view the 7/7 occult hiatus moment is characterized by an extraordinary great information density even greater than the one of the 3/7 occult hiatus moment because, on one hand, the final moments of the previous solar year and more precisely the time before the spring equinox mysteriously synthesize the entire subtle and tattvic information of the entire solar year in case that is about to end once the spring equinox arrives and, on the other hand, the elapse of time right after the spring equinox synthesizes and contains (in seed due to its state of occult resonance® with the sublime energies of the eternal beginning) all that is going to manifest throughout the coming solar year which starts with the spring equinox.

This spiritual event celebrated by us with a yang spiral® meditation performed with the occasion of the solar year end or, in other words, of the 7/7 hiatus of the solar year making the transition from one solar year to the next will set us in a profound state of occult resonance® with the subtle and divine energies of the transcendent beatific void that manifests and synthesizes the entire energetic and informational unfolding of the coming solar year which starts at the moment of the spring equinox. The new solar year will be once again divinely impelled at the 3/7 moment from the whole solar year span and as we know, this inner hiatus is around 27 – 28 Aug.

For a deep understanding of the subtle aspects concerning the hiatus moments defined by the fundamental occult law of the seven and operating for any manifestation taking place in time we suggest you to supplementary and attentively study our book “The Revealed Secrets of the Occult Hiatus Moment” and enrich your knowledge in order for you to be able to understand and deepen the subtle beneficial effects following this spiritual event.

Translated by Virginia Marginean

Published by LiveOnlineYoga in March 2011


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